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Reel BBC Merlin
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A BBC Merlin Film Challenge Community
++ what this community is about ++ ++ challenges: past & present ++ ++ rules ++
reel_merlin: because every fandom needs a film challenge community. (Plus colacube and merelyn really want someone to write a Bring It On AU.) We'll put up a list of film prompts. Choose a movie and then use it to write a story of at least a thousand words or create a piece of art. It's that simple. And awesome.

Timeline for the current challenge (Take 8):

Signups open - Wednesday 24th August 2016
Signups close - Saturday 10th September 2016
Rough drafts due - Friday 13th January 2016
Posting dates assigned - Sunday 15th January 2017
Posting - Monday 6th February 2017

The 2008 Challenge Master post of stories is HERE.
The 2009 Challenge Master post of stories is HERE.
The 2010 Challenge Master post of stories is HERE.
The 2011 Challenge Master post of stories is HERE.
The 2012 Challenge Master post of stories is HERE
The 2013 Challenge Master post of stories is HERE.
The 2015 Challenge Master post of stories is HERE

1. Only one writer/artist per prompt. That is, each prompt can be claimed by both a writer and an artist, but two writers cannot write for the same prompt. Co-writing/co-arting (not a word, I know) is allowed.

2. We're asking that all stories must focus/draw from the canon Merlin-verse. Sorry, no crossovers or RPF for this challenge.

3. We also ask that every story be betaed before posting. If you need a beta (or would like to offer your services) please go to this post here.

4. It's not required but we do have a template for posting available here. If you'd prefer not to use it, please include the title, writer/artist, rating, pairings, as well as any warning or spoiler information in your post. You can post directly to the community or link to your personal livejournal.

5. Other than that, anything goes! You can even pick a film not on the list, we don't care! (Unless it has been submitted in a previous round) Stories can fit directly into the canon Merlin-verse, or can be complete AUs. Any genre or rating is allowed. Gen, het, and slash/femslash stories are all welcome and encouraged.

If you still have questions about the challenge please refer to our FAQ Post.
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If there are any problems or further questions, do not hesitate to contact your friendly mod, colacube .

reel.merlin (at) gmail.com.

Merlin communities: ag_fics
Character centric communities: thefuturequeen
Art communities: drawmelot
Other reel communities: reel_torchwood, reel_xmen

reel_merlin is a cheap floozy and will affiliate with anyone, but if you'd like to affiliate you can leave a comment on the FAQ thread and we'll get back to you.
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